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We are now LITE 105 and we will be playing all of your Soft Rock Familiar Favorites from George Harrison, Otis Redding, and on up to Katy Perry! We hope that you enjoy your Smooth Lite Rock Familiar Favorites. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

On Thursday Nights, join WLQT-DB in the After Hours Smooth Jazz show with Kerri D. She plays the best of the best Smooth Jazz favorites! On Saturday Nights, Join us from 7pm - midnight for our Saturday Night Dance Party, and on Sunday's join us for 24 hours of Christian Music hits!

Again, welcome to LITE 105 Internet Radio!

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    Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl left his unit in eastern Afghanistan in July 2009 intending to walk to the nearest U.S. military outpost to report wrongdoing, believing he could not trust his own commanders to deal with his concerns, an Army report say, according to sources familiar with the investigation. It is the clearest indication yet of […]


WLQT-DB LITE 105 Internet Radio is pleased to be your ONLINE Source for Soft Rock Familiar Favorites and Songs You Can Sing Along To in Dayton! Join us for our special shows as well!

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