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Dayton's Official Christmas Station is LITE 105!
LITE 105 is playing all of your Christmas Music Favorites through January 1st! Head to our Facebook Page to request songs!
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Countdown to Christmas Day!!

Welcome to Lite 105 – Dayton’s Soft Rock

    Welcome to Lite 105 Dayton, Ohio

    We are Dayton's Official and ONLY Soft Rock Station...Lite 105 We are be playing all of your Soft Rock Familiar Favorites from George Harrison, Otis Redding, and on up to Katy Perry! We hope that you enjoy the fantastic Soft Rock favorites you know and love. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

    View our Last 3 days of music that was played on Lite 105!

North Pole News

Christmas News

Operation Christmas Cheer

    Under the auspices of Santa’s Sleigh we’re taking on a new, simple effort this year — something we call Operation Christmas Cheer.

    Operation Christmas Cheer aims to make this holiday season brighter for some folks who might not be able to enjoy it as in years past.

    The inspiration for this, candidly, was my Mom, who had seen her world become smaller and smaller due to declining health.

    In the last years of her life we were able to get her into my home for a few hours at Christmas time and she greatly admired the dozens and dozens of Christmas cards our family received via our annual Christmas card exchange.

    Wistfully she told me, in the spirit of It’s a Wonderful Life, “No man is a failure who has friends”.

    There was a time, she shared, when she used to get Christmas cards for Christmas. But as she got older and her friends faded away — and as she physically grew unable to continue to send out cards of her own — she received just a precious few. Wouldn’t it be great to flood her mailbox with cards from folks all over the world?

    That is what we did and what we have done now for several Christmases for a few select folks. And it never fails to lift their spirits and brighten their season.

    For Official Information about "Operation Christmas Cheer", check out MyMerryChristmas by clicking HERE
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